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Indiana University Announcements / Other
View Job DetailsConstruction Management Template Forms
Construction Management Template Forms
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)
Building contents within old Wishard Boundaries
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)
View Job DetailsReview of Construction Change Directives
Review of Construction Change Directives
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)

Indiana University Bloomington
View Job DetailsAssembly Hall Renovation-Bid Issue #2
Informational Posting Only
Shiel Sexton05/20/2015
View Job DetailsBL000B Multi-Building - Replace Existing Undergroud Hot Water Distribution Piping Pre Bid Mtg 5/21 at 11AM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/04/2015
View Job DetailsBL011 Mathers Museum Roof Replacement Pre Bid Mtg 5/12 1030AM or 1PM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)05/28/2015
View Job DetailsBL027 Swain West - Room 055 Renovation
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/10/2015
View Job DetailsBL209 Wells Library-Cyber Cafe Renovation
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/16/2015
View Job DetailsBL227 Read Hall Residential Tower Renovation Pre Bid Mtg 5/1 at930AM or 2PM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)05/14/2015
View Job DetailsBL452 SPEA - Renovate Atrium Restrooms
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)05/21/2015
View Job DetailsBSD100 Recreational Sports Multi-Purpose Field Synthetic Turf Installation Pre Bid Mtg 5/7 1PM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)05/19/2015

Indiana University IUPUI

View Job DetailsIN001P - 1200 Waterway-Roof Replacement and Wall Repairs Pre Bid Mtg 6/1 at 1030 AM or 1 PM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/10/2015
View Job DetailsIN026 University Hospital Garage - Upgrade Lighting System
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/16/2015
View Job DetailsIN028 Ball Residence Fire Alarm System Replacement
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/11/2015
View Job DetailsIN050 North Hall Housing-Bid Package #4
Informational Posting Only!
Powers Sons Construction (Indianapolis IN)06/09/2015
View Job DetailsIN064 Dental School 4th Floor South Section Remodel Pre Bid Mtg 5/18 at 10AM or 3PM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)05/27/2015
View Job DetailsIN115 Sports Complex Garage - Replace Lighting System
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/16/2015

Indiana University NorthWest

View Job DetailsNW831 Arts & Sciences Building - New Construction Pre Bid Mtg 5/19 from 3PM to 6PM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/11/2015

Indiana University South Bend

View Job DetailsSB850 Northside Hall Replace Cooling Tower Pre Bid Mtg 5/14 at 10AM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)05/27/2015
View Job DetailsSB862 University Center, Basement Restroom Renovation for ADA
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)05/21/2015

Indiana University SouthEast

View Job DetailsSE883 Hillside Hall - New Pedestrian Bridge
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)06/02/2015