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Indiana University Announcements / Other
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Eastern Engineering (Fishers)
View DetailsConstruction Management Template Forms
Construction Management Template Forms
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)

Indiana University Bloomington
View DetailsBL000B Multi-Building - Renovations of 505,513,515,521 N Park Ave for Ostrom Workshop
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/13/2016
View DetailsBL070 Simon Hall 047 Renovation
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/19/2016
View DetailsBL411 Central Chilled Water Plant - AHU Replacement (Pre Bid Mtg 10/18 at 930AM)
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)11/01/2016
View DetailsBL451 Hodge Hall (Business School) KSOB - Career Services Addition Pre Bid 9/28 at 1PM and/or 9/30 at 11AM
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/12/2016

Indiana University IUPUI

View DetailsIN000B Tunnel Lighting, Ventilation and Drainage
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/11/2016
View DetailsIN017 Lockefield Garage-Elevator Replacement
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/13/2016
View DetailsIN024 Van Nuys Medical Sciences Renovate MS for Drug Discovery
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/26/2016
View DetailsIN026 University Hospital Garage - Elevator Renovation
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)11/15/2016
View DetailsIN032E Glick Eye Institute Third & Fourth Floors - Renovate for Research-LARC-Offices
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/20/2016
View DetailsIN088 University Library - Replace Southside Exterior Stairs
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)
View DetailsIN144 Health Sciences Building Physician Assistant Program and School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/21/2016
View DetailsIN145- Service Building- Tenant Relocation & Renovation
Indiana University (CPBO&UAO)10/18/2016